#metoo Jan Fabre's trial set to start in March 2022

Jan Fabre. Cercando utopia. 2003. Piazza della Signoria di Firenze
The date of the trial for Belgian artist and choreographer Jan Fabre has been set for March of next year.

The criminal court of Antwerp has set the dates of the hearing. It will take place over two days, on the 25 March and on the 1 April, and will review the allegations of sexual harassment and indecent assault that Fabre is being accused of.


The investigation on the alleged sexual misconduct within Jan Fabre's dance company, Troubleyn, was launched in September 2018 after 20 dancers came forth, denouncing a system of sexual harassment in place at the company.


Jan Fabre and his dance troupe deny the allegations, saying Fabre is being given an unfair trial as the accusations are impossible to verify, 12 of the accusers having done so anonymously. 


In a letter, the plaintiffs on their end had this to say about the case : "Through sharing and reflecting on our collected experiences and testimonies, one of which dates back 20 years, we have come to understand that Troubleyn company members have been navigating unprofessional and inappropriate relationship practices in the workplace for decades"


A line of defence that has adopted Fabre's company is that of mutual consent. According to them, nobody was forced into anything they weren't comfortable with, pointing at the existence of sexual relationships taking place within Troubleyn, just not unconsenting ones.


The trial, set to start on March 25, will first hear the alleged victims' case, before letting Fabre and his lawyers present their defence on the 1st of April.