Olafur Eliasson and Peggy Gou collaborate in new music video

Icelandic-Danish artist Olafur Eliasson marks his debut as a music video director while both starring in and directing Peggy Gou’s latest track.

Peggy Gou, a Berlin-based music producer and artist born in South Korea, has unveiled her new track, “1+1=11”, that celebrates togetherness. This release comes ahead of her upcoming debut album, "I Hear You", scheduled for 7 June 2024, via XL Recordings. The album cover showcases Gou wearing Eliasson’s distinctive "ring of ears"—Psychoacoustic Empathy Amp (2023).



As part of their three-part collaboration, the longtime friends Eliasson and Gou collaborated in the music video for “1+1=11”. It explores art, music, and movement—an intrinsic aspect of Eliasson's work. Renowned for integrating movement in his creations to create dynamic environments, Eliasson reflects, “I came to realise that by moving, I could change space. I could change what I saw and what I sensed.”


In "1+1=11", Eliasson's signature exploration of space meets Gou's house rhythms, intertwining dance with vivid shadows, lights, and mirrors. In the video, Eliasson moves in a light installation within his Berlin studio and crosses through beams of light emitted from eight projectors. His dancing unleashes a display of colourful shadows and silhouettes, which overlap and cascade across the wall.


Eliasson describes the inspiration behind the video, stating, “I was able to bring some of the key interests that have long shaped my art into an entirely new context”. He adds, “Sculpture and dance are both non-verbal languages. Sometimes in order to communicate, you simply have to move”.


Peggy Gou’s debut album ‘I Hear You’ with the artist wearing Olafur Eliasson’s Psychoacoustic empathy amp (2023). Image courtesy of Studio Olafur Eliasson.


Peggy Gou’s single “1+1= 11” is out now, with the music video directed by and starring Olafur Eliasson is available here.


Henri Robert