Artist Lineup Unveiled for Fifth Edition of Anozero – Bienal de Coimbra

The upcoming edition of Portugal’s Anozero – Bienal de Coimbra is set to unfold from 6 April to 30 June 2024, coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the Carnation Revolution.

Under the curation of Ángel Calvo Ulloa and Marta Mestre, this year’s event is titled THE PHANTOM OF LIBERTY. They explain, “the title has an ambiguous and open meaning. If, on the one hand, it suggests the idea that liberty is a phantom, an inescapable and spectral presence, on the other, it also points to an incomplete process, a disbelief in a once certain truth, more of a promise than something real.”


Marta Mestre. Courtesy Vasco Celio. Ángel Calvo Ulloa. Courtesy Ada Cerda.


The biennial will highlight 39 artists in eight venues - some of which are Coimbra’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites - including the Monastery of Santa Clara-a-Nova, Círculo de Artes Plásticas de Coimbra (CAPC - Sede e Sereia), Sala da Cidade (Coimbra City Hall), the Botanical Garden, the Colégio das Artes and the Pátio das Escolas (University of Coimbra), with an intervention in the Coimbra-B train station.


The curators further explain that “the fifth edition of Anozero – Bienal de Coimbra explores the idea of liberty and the strategies of contemporary art to challenge, displace, and inhabit it.” It will showcase new creations, performances, solo and collective exhibitions, along with collaborations with local and international institutions and a public programme of talks, events, and workshops. 




 Adam Pendleton (United States, 1984)

 Adriano Correia de Oliveira (Portugal, 1942–1982) + Rosalía de Castro (Spain, 1837–1885)

 Aline Motta (Brazil, 1974) + Ricardo Aleixo (Brazil, 1960)

 Andrea Büttner (1972, Germany)

 Bárbara Fonte (Portugal, 1981)

 Berio Molina (Spain, 1979)

 Carla Filipe (Portugal, 1973)

 Castiel Vitorino Brasileiro (Brazil, 1996)

 Cildo Meireles (Brazil, 1948)

 Clara Menéres (Portugal, 1943–2018)

 Daniel Barroca (Portugal, 1976)

 Davi Pontes (Brazil, 1990) + Wallace Ferreira (Brazil, 1993)

 Diego Bianchi (Argentina, 1969)

 Filipe Feijão (France/Portugal, 1975)

 Ilídio Candja Candja (Mozambique, 1976)

 Jeremy Deller (England, 1966)

 João Marçal (Portugal, 1980)

 Luís Cília (Portugal, 1943)

 Maria Velho da Costa (Portugal, 1938–2020)

 Mauro Cerqueira (Portugal, 1982)

 NEG - Nova Escultura Galega (Spain)

 Patricia Gómez (Spain, 1978) + María Jesús González (Spain, 1978)

 Paula Siebra (Brazil, 1998)

 Paulo Nazareth (Brazil, 1977)

 Pedro G. Romero (Spain, 1964)

 Priscila Fernandes (Portugal, 1981)

 Regina Silveira (Brazil, 1939)

 Robert Filliou (France, 1926–1987)

 Rosemarie Trockel (Germany, 1952)

 Sandra Poulson (Portugal, 1995)

 Susanne S. D. Themlitz (Portugal/Germany, 1968)

 Teresa Lanceta (Spain, 1951)

 Túlia Saldanha (Portugal, 1930–1988)

 Yinka Esi Graves (England, 1983)

 Yonamine (Angola, 1975)


Cover image: Monastery of Santa Clara-a-Nova.