Nils Staerk awarded ‘Best Booth’ at Zona Maco 2020

Olaf Breuning, Rhino, 2020 © The artist and Nils Staerk gallery
The contemporary art fair held in Mexico from February 5 to 9 saw 62 galleries take part in its main section.


Amongst them was Copenhagen’s Nils Staerk gallery, who were chosen as the ‘Best Booth’ for their presentation of “Sad and Worried Animals” by Olaf Breuning.


Breuning’s body of work explores the profound influence that the advancement of human society has had on the planet and its other living creatures. The series of carved stone animals with sad mouths and colourful glass eyes represent the sorrowful concern that our fellow Earth-inhabitants, “victims of the human race”, would feel if they possessed an awareness of our surroundings and the consequences of our “human stupidity”.