Art outside the box, a new kind of gallery in Hamburg

Hicham Berrada, Présage, tranche (2013)
Wentrup am Feenteich (a venture by Tina and Jan Wentrup — owners of Berlin’s Wentrup Gallery), a new space opening on August 22nd in Hamburg, Germany, seeks to present exhibitions outside of the conventional 'white cube' setting. Housed in a three storey mansion in which will be exhibited the paintings and with the addition of a garden dedicated to sculptures, this new gallery wants to facilitate interdisciplinary dialogue and present art within its proper context.

Moving away from the one media exhibitions that are the standard in the art world, Tina and Jan Wenteup will, in addition to the exhibitions, invite great minds in the fields of art, architecture, philosophy, science, dance, and more. By bringing these people together, they hope to create a space bustling with ideas as everyone's perspective on art meets different experiences and knowledge.


This will take the shape of thematic discussions, the first one in September being centered around art and music.


In a joint statement, the two creators had this to say about their project : "Wentrup am Feenteich’s location and architectural environment urge viewers to consider art’s relation to space and context. This is also a place for reflection, exchange and dialogue, where curious minds can be nourished by other creative disciplines, like performance, design and architecture, or by fields like science and philosophy."


The inaugural presentation will feature new works from Nevin Aladag, David Renggli, Jan-Ole Schiemann, Sophie von Hellermann, Hicham Berrada, Gregor Hildebrandt and Thomas Wachholz.