The 0xCollection, a New Art Organisation of Technical Innovation supported by Karel Komárek

0xCollection, supported by the entrepreneur and philanthropist Karel Komárek, is an innovative and groundbreaking art organisation located in Basel.

0xCollection, pronounced as "Hex Collection", is a project that revolves around the intersection of art and technical innovation. Collaborating with contemporary and innovative artists, curators, historians and technologists, 0x aims to develop today’s digital art for the next generations. Under the direction of Elle Anastasiou, an expert in new media art, 0x presents a curated collection of digital art, from the present, for the future. With a decentralised approach to collecting and curating at its core, the collection was established with the purpose of engaging the public in contemporary artistic and technical innovation. 


Nancy Baker Cahill © 0xCollection


Elle Anastasiou, the Director of 0xCollection, elaborates on their mission, stating, “We have committed ourselves to building a new collection that operates as a living organism — an ecosystem presenting art at the forefront of technological innovation, encouraging active dialogue while preserving the artefacts of today. The primary aim of this collection is to provide a new media vocabulary for audiences in the now, by honouring both the histories and futures shaping this cultural moment.”


On the 7th of September 2023, 0xCollection will make its debut in Czech Republic as part of the Dvořák Prague 2023 classical music festival. The collection will span two public spaces in the capital and feature the exhibition "Synesthetic Immersion," which brings together eight new media artists: Carsten Nicolai, Daito Manabe, Libby Heaney, Lu Yang, Nancy Baker Cahill, Quayola, Ryoji Ikeda, and Sougwen Chung. The group exhibition explores the concept of synaesthesia through cutting-edge artworks. Additionally, 0xCollection will unveil the immersive installation "Machine Hallucination" by internationally acclaimed digital artist Refik Anadol in front of the historic Rudolfinum. Anadol employs machine learning and AI to commemorate the legacy of Czech composer Antonin Dvorak.


Lu Yang & Sougwen © 0xCollection


0xCollection operates on a network-based model for new media and time-based art. It actively acquires artworks for public exhibitions and educational purposes, focusing on our current era of technological innovation and interactivity. 


Cover image: Refik Anadol © 0xCollection


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