Where should Banksy host his next art exhibition?

The renowned street artist Banksy finds himself at a crossroads, contemplating the ideal location for his next art exhibition. In a bid to involve the public in this decision-making process, Banksy is actively seeking opinions from art enthusiasts and individuals at large.

In June, Banksy unveiled 25 years of his art in Glasgow’s Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA). Titled Cut & Run, the exhibition offered attendees an insightful glimpse into the artist's world, featuring a replica of the artist’s work station, behind-the-scenes details, as well as works such as Girl With Balloon and Kissing Coppers.


For 10 weeks, record crowds showed up, drawing in fans and art enthusiasts as well as “a new and diverse audience, from primary school pupils to octogenarians, from all areas of society and corners of the globe” as GoMA manager Gareth James pointed out in comments echoed by the BBC.


One distinctive facet however distinguished this exhibition from others: no phones allowed on-site, as per the anonymous British street artist’s request. James added: “We expected some resistance but in fact visitors embraced the no phones rule; enjoying the time and space to see the work unhindered.” Indeed, this didn’t seem to dampen the enthusiasm of the 180,000 visitors, which included prominent figures such as Johnny Depp. 


For those who missed the opportunity to attend the Glasgow exhibition, there's still a chance to be part of this artistic journey. Banksy has updated the show’s official website – cutandrun.co.uk – stating: “We want to take this show on the road but have no idea where to go next. Do you?” He encourages participants to email their recommendations ([email protected]), ideally accompanied by relevant images.


Although this exhibition marked Banksy's first officially authorised solo show in 14 years, it still doesn't divulge any insights into his enigmatic identity, which has been the subject of countless theories over the years…