Zeno X Gallery Shuts Down After 42 Years of Operation

“For some decisions there is never a right time, yet today we announce the closure of the gallery at the end of this year. In recent years, some health issues have caused the stress and pressure to become too much.”

Frank Demaegd and Eliane Breynaert, the founders of the gallery located in two venues in Antwerp, have declared the end of their activity by the end of 2023 using these very words. 


Zeno X, a gallery present at Art Basel in Switzerland and Hong Kong this year, as well as Art Brussels, represents leading contemporary artists such as Marlene Dumas, Dirk Braeckman, and Luc Tuymans. 


“First and foremost, we want to thank all the artists with whom the gallery has collaborated. Their commitment, creativity, generosity, and devotion have helped determine the success of Zeno X Gallery. Thanks also go to our hardworking and loyal staff. After all, a gallery is defined by its team. But we also wish to say thank you to friends, collectors, colleagues, press, museums and art institutions for the support, enormous trust, and friendship during all these years,” according to the official statement issued by the gallery.