Roger Ballen unveils his art centre in Johannesburg

The project, which had been on the cards for many years, came to life on the 28th of March. Located on Jan Smuts Avenue in Forest Town, Roger Ballen's Inside Out Center embraces a cultural ecosystem composed of the Johannesburg Holocaust & Genocide Center and the Joburg Contemporary Art Foundation.

The opening exhibition "End of the Game" addresses the issue of wildlife destruction in Africa, a long-standing theme in the artist's work. 


"A central challenge in my career has been to locate the animal in the human being and the human being in the animal," explains Roger Ballen, whose photographs have always showcased conflict: between living beings, dreams and nightmares, or reason and madness.



The World Wildlife Fund estimated that 20,000 elephants and 1,000 rhinos were killed in South Africa in 2020. Through documentary photography, artefacts, film clips, and installations, this exhibition "encourages vital discussions about our treatment of animals, wildlife management, responsible tourism and environmental stewardship in our current world". The centre will also offer an extensive discussion and educational programme. 


Among the works presented are the light boxes shaping the Theatre of Apparitions (2016), displayed at Venice Biennale 2022, as well as Outland (2001), or his Asylum of the Birds (2014).


From the 19th of April to the 23rd of October 2023, the artist will have the honour of having his artwork featured in the exhibition "Call of the Void (Danse macabre No. VIII)" at the Museum Tinguely in Basel.