Guerreiro do Divino Amor to represent Switzerland at the 2024 Venice Biennale

For the next Venice Biennale in 2024, the Swiss Pavilion will be host to Swiss-Brazilian artist Guerreiro do Divino Amor and his project "Super Superior Civilizations".

His project, unanimously selected out of five contestants by the Pro Helvetia jury, "poses a critical view of the visual language presented in national political myths, and explores their cultural charge, their hierarchization, and their use. In his compelling approach, Guerreiro do Divino Amor ties together different narratives with virtuosity, irony, and humor. Through these layers of connectivity, he effectively carves out the diverse entanglements of our globalized existence that have been impacted by aspects such as postcolonial distortion."


© Diego Paulino


Guerreiro, born in 1983 in Switzerland, lives and works in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He is known for his over the top psychedelic collages that play on a saturation of the viewer's senses. He has received international acclaim on several occasions, in 2021 he was selected for the DAAD Artists-in-Berlin programme and was the recipient of the PIPA prize in 2019.


The upcoming Venice Biennale will be held from April 20 until November 24, 2024.



Cover image: Exposição Exhibition  "Superficções", Paço das Artes, Museu da Imagem e do Som, São Paulo, 2018