Artistic exodus: Dmitry Ozerkov leaves the Hermitage and Russia behind

After 22 years spent at the service of the Hermitage museum in St. Petersburg,15 of which as the head of the contemporary art department, Dmitry Ozerkov has cut all ties with the museum as well as with his home country.

Earlier this year, Ozerkov had resigned from several positions he held, after war broke out between Russia and neighbouring Ukraine. The last nail in the coffin that was his relationship with Russia came after the director of the museum showed his support for the conflict and Putin's vision for the world.


"I salute all for whom the Greek word Exodus, used by the writers of the Septuagint, has become the only possible way out of the current situation. Russia squeezed out all of us who wanted nothing but good to its culture.” Ozerkov said in an Instagram post, hinting that leaving his country was the only remaining choice for him.


The now former head of the contemporary art department also denounced what he perceives as a departure from any form of dialogue by the Russian authorities, opting rather for propaganda.


"As a Russian citizen I saw this shame as my own fault too and I shared this opinion. Then my choice was to stop doing anything in and for today’s Russia.”


His replacement has not been announced as of yet.