See Barcelona like never before | Tomás Saraceno's Cloud Cities Barcelona

courtesy of The Exhibitions Company S.A.U.
Hosted at the new Mirador Torre Glories tower in Barcelona, Tomás Saraceno's permanent installation "Cloud Cities Barcelona" is a radically new way to contemplate the Catalonian city, unlike any traditional observation point you've seen before.

Inaugurated on 20 May on the 30th floor of the tower, the Argentinian artist has created an interactive and immersive sculpture that invites the visitor into a 'cloud space' to change their perspective when observing the city by allowing them to move within the installation, looking in all possible directions. Saraceno wanted to convey an invitation to dialog and introspection through his work.


Beyond creating a new way of contemplating Barcelona, the artist, through the use of technology, big data and scientific information, wanted to portray the city as an ever changing organism, not unlike our own planet and ecosystems, thus trying to instill a reflection on ecology and the changing urban public sphere.