"Not art" says Wikipedia regarding NFTs

Cointelegraph, a cryptocurrency centered media has announced that Wikipedia editors have decided not to classify NFTs as art on their platform, landing a blow to the evergrowing market that are Non Fungible Tokens.

The debate was initated regarding the inclusion of Beeple and Pak to a wikipedia page compiling the most expensive living artists.


The debate was centered around semantics and the classification of digital works, with some saying they are art and others claiming them to be only the image's digital tokens. The issue was submitted to a vote with five out of six editors agreeing to not classify them as art and therefore remove Beeple and Pak from the list (although for now they are still present).


Even if the decision is only temporary, as a review of it will be made at a later date, it has angered the crypto community. "Wikipedia works off of precedent. If NFTs are classified as ‘not art’ on this page, then they will be classified as ‘not art’ on the rest of Wikipedia," said Duncan Cock Foster, co-founder of the NFT platform Nifty Gateway. "Digital artists have been fighting for legitimacy their whole lives. We can’t let the Wikipedia editors set them back!"


If this decision is a setback to the bustling and confusing world of NFTs, it surely won't stop its dazzling march forward, with many new, sometimes odd, projects that incorporate this technology sprouting every day. 


Definitely on the odd side, according to The Art Newspaper, this restaurant that will require clients to present proof of membership via an NFT token, priced at $7,900 (or 2,5 Ethereum) for the basic membership and $13,485 (4,25 Ethereum) for the premium membership. Once in the restaurant however, you will eat very real fish that you will pay with very non crypto, old fashioned American dollars.