Queercircle launches crowdfunding campaign for London cultural space

Wanting to create a cultural space for the LGBTQ+ community, the association Queercircle has started a gofundme campaign to raise £40,000.

Situated in the lively Greenwich neighborhood of London, this new space would provide LGBTQ+ artists with a permanent place where they could exhibit their art. Aside from the main gallery, it will also house a library and a project space that will house residencies to support artists at pivotal times in their careers.


Beyond being a platform for artists to showcase their art, the space will also serve as a place for thought exchange, to address social inequalities affecting the LGBTQ+ community and to promote intergenerational dialogue.


Queercircle founder Ashley Joiner had this to say about the project : "Now  more  than  ever,  the  LGBTQ+  community needs and deserves a place to come together; a  safe  space  where  we  can  continue  to  support  one  another,  be  creative,  and  create  radical  change.  A space  which  inspires,  tackles  social  isolation  and  supports  our  mental  health  and  wellbeing;  and  we  are grateful  to  be  partnering  with  organisations  such  as  Culture&,  Arts  &  Health  Club  and  other  members  of LGBT+  Consortium  to  develop  dynamic initiatives to  achieve  this."


In less than a day, the campaign has reached over £4000, it can be found on the gofundme platform.