Centre Pompidou | Bruno Decharme makes large donation for the launch of Art Brut pole

Miloslava Ratzingerova (1904-1990) © abcd/Bruno Decharme
Launched in 1970 and opened to the public in 1999, the collection "prolongs the collections and research of pioneering psychiatrists such as Hans Prinzhorn, artists and writers such as André Breton, creations that Jean Dubuffet theorized in 1945 under the concept of art brut."

The Art brut abcd / Bruno Decharme collection is comprised of pieces by artists of various origins "produced in psychiatric hospitals or in the solitude of cities and in the countryside as well as the so-called spiritualist productions and folk art objects that escape the traditional norms." 420 artists from the 19th century up to today created the 6000 works exhibited in the abcd / Bruno Decharme collection. Among those, 950 will join the new department at the Centre Pompidou, works by artists such as Barbus Müller, Aloïse Corbaz, Henry Darger, Katsuhiro Terao, Dan Miller, Ramón Moya Hernández, Miloslava Ratzingerova, Achilles G. Rizzoli, André Robillard, Josef Karl Rädler, or Ionel Talpazan, will be exhibited. 


Beyond the collection itself, the Paris branch of the abcd association, presided by Barbara Safarova, hosts a research pole whose works are presented through print, seminars, exhibitions and film production.