'Invisible sculpture' by Italian artist sells for $18,000

Via Youtube
Use your imagination

In the series "what would the old masters think of this?" We bring you Italian artist Salvatore Garau, who has sold a piece of imaginary art for €15,000. 


Titled Io Sono (i am), and only consisting of an empty space, this very conceptual piece, referred to as being an immaterial sculpture is indeed a one of a kind work, inviting the viewer to project their own imagination into it. The idea behind it is, according to the artist, that emptiness still holds weight and invites thought and reflection. He calls upon the Heisenberg uncertainty principle that states that the vacuum is full of energy and nothingness still has a weight.



The amount of work needed for the artist to create this emptiness is unknown, there are however, specific conditions to observe when displaying the piece. The artist has instructed the buyer, who has been given a certificate of authenticity, to only house this piece of imagination in a "private house in a roughly five-by-five-foot space free of obstruction"


“When I decide to ‘exhibit’ an immaterial sculpture in a given space, that space will concentrate a certain amount and density of thoughts at a precise point, creating a sculpture that, from my title, will only take the most varied forms,” Garau stated.


He also decided to defend his work by saying that humans have been giving a shape to God, whom they have never seen. Certainly a daring analogy.