Setting records for a noble cause

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It is the biggest painting in the world. Sacha Jafri's "The Journey to Humanity" measures a jaw dropping 1,600m², recognised by the Guinness book of records as being the largest painting in existence. It sold for over $62m, all of which will go to children's charities.

Jafri has drawn inspiration from hundreds of drawings and paintings that children sent him during lockdown. The artist had sent an appeal to kids around the world to send him works that would represent how the pandemic made them feel.


"I was in a deep meditative state. I looked through all the [children's] work - I paint from the subconscious, and then whatever's in there comes out. Nothing's planned. There's no sketches. There were no drawings." Jaffri told the BBC. "I was literally pouring paint, and then putting another layer on top and another layer, another layer, another layer, just feeling my way through it until something magical happened."


Wanting to give back to children, The 62 million dollars it sold for, will be going to several charities and organisations such as Dubai Cares, Unicef, Unesco and the Global Gift Foundation. The aim is to promote healthcare for impoverished communities and to give children access to a proper education and learning tools.


Not even realising it, he injured himself quite badly during the process of the painting, as being bent over for most of the day for months injured his spine and required an emergency procedure to correct.


The buyer, Andre Abdoune, a french cryptocurrency businessman is said to be working on building a museum to house the humongous painting and create a foundation with Sacha Jafri to inspire future generations to join the world of art.