Funghi, Fashion And Finance: Laurent Grasso First Artist In New Commission Series

Lunu Solutions, a cryptocurrency payment tech company founded in 2018, has commissioned its first artist as part of its new annual Art Link series. Each year, a different artist will be selected whose vision encompasses new technologies, science and the enhancement of global connectivity. This year: French conceptual artist Laurent Grasso.

Inspired by images of blockchain connectivity maps and distributive networks, in which every component relies on another, Grasso’s artwork depicts two trees using point cloud imagery, connected below the soil by the mycorrhizal fungal network that acts as a conduit for plants all over the world to share life-giving nutrients. The print depicts an interpretation of the ‘cosmic network’, the building block of Lunu’s brand aesthetics.


Available to purchase via the Lunu cryptocurrency system for €60 each, 1,000 limited edition t-shirts printed with Grasso’s Natural Connection design will launch on Lunu’s virtual shop and at Lunu events on December 9 to mark the start of Paris Blockchain Week. Ten percent of the sale proceeds will be donated to the World Wildlife Fund’s ‘Trillion Trees’ Initiative.


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