Massimo De Carlo Gallery is coming to Paris

Pièce Unique
Adding to its galleries in Milan (where it boasts two), London and Hong Kong, Massimo De Carlo is opening a space in Paris named “Pièce Unique” before the end of the year. The exact opening date is yet to be announced.

At 57 Rue de Turenne in Paris’ Marais district, the gallery renovated by Japanese architect Kengo Kuma will offer an original concept, inherited from Lucio Amelio, who opened a space in 1989 that hosted exhibitions comprising of just one artwork.


Massimo De Carlo’s Pièce Unique will offer “a flexible, dynamic, and unpredictable program of single-work, unique exhibitions, and renew the original idea, with the aim of infusing a new perspective and adding an alternative exhibition model into the art system.  Massimo De Carlo Pièce Unique will also experiment a new balance between physical projects and digital initiatives.”


Amongst the numerous artists represented by the gallery are Doug Aitken, Maurizio Cattelan, Tomoo Gotika, Jennifer Guidi and Paola Pivi.