Unleash your inner Prickasso with LGBTQ dating app Grindr’s new art forum

Grindr's logo
When one considers the LGBTQ dating site, Grindr, art and creative critique is not necessarily the first thing that springs to mind.

New feature, “Circle”, however, is encouraging users to discuss topics in themed chat-rooms, including a space inviting users to share and critique each other’s art and photography.


“I love the idea of art-sharing among my fellow gays. I've had some genuinely lovely conversations with people about it," an anonymous user told The Art Newspaper. "We've shared ideas, appreciated each other's work, given notes where necessary.”


It all sounds highly sophisticated, but this is Grindr after all. “It adds a certain frisson when these lovely, engaging conversations are interspersed with photographs of cocks and arseholes”, the user added. More Jackson Bollock than Jackson Pollock, then.