Neil Beloufa’s Screentalk explores a global pandemic through new website launch

© Screentalk
Artist Neil Beloufa’s project Screentalk launched on May 13.


The website, directed by the artist and produced by Bad Manner’s, is currently still in its beta version, and brings together all the configurations of the Screentalk project produced in 2014, all in the same place for the first time. Beneath a scrolling Fake News bar, the somewhat disorientating site allows you to select an avatar to navigate through a mini-series of films, games, quiz questions and folding art editions (which can be won by the first 100 players to unlock all games and episodes), exploring a new model for producing artistic work for online distribution.



Depicting a world in the grips of a strange pandemic, many of the themes presented seem particularly relevant in the current climate. Those involved with making the site have stressed that the satirical situations in Screentalk were imagined and filmed before the discovery and outbreak of coronavirus, but a snippet from one of the videos stating, “As you won’t be able to stop breathing, I highly recommend that you stop inhaling the same air, and sanitise your hands. Highly illogical not to, and for lack of a better word, idiotic”, nevertheless rings ominously true.


Happy playing!