David Zwirner to share online viewing space to help smaller New York galleries survive the coronavirus quarantine

Josh Kline, Another America is Possible, 2017, (film still) © 47 Canal
In an act of solidarity in the current COVID-19 pandemic, David Zwirner Gallery has invited 12 smaller New York galleries, including Essex Street, Queer Thoughts, Bridget Donahue, David Lewis and 47 Canal, to join its high-tech online viewing room.


Due to go live on April 3, Platform: New York allows galleries which may not have had sufficient funds or personnel to break into the digital sphere themselves to each present two works by an artist. Essex Street, for example, will be exhibiting the work of Park McArthur. ‘It’s like “Hey guys, come in here and put work up on the walls”’, said Zwirner


The idea, for which the David Zwirner Gallery is taking no fees nor charging commission, supports both the smaller galleries and the artists they represent, as all sales enquiries are passed onto the participating galleries directly, whilst the artists who may have had exhibitions cut short or cancelled still have the opportunity to increase their visibility.



David Zwirner