Mexico | Arredondo \ Arozarena Gallery announces its closure

Luis Úrculo, Procesos infinitos Video instalación en tres canales Loop 2014
Andrés Arredondo and Georgina Arozarena have announced the closure of their contemporary art gallery.


Established in Mexico City in 2010, the gallery had participated in Art Basel Miami Beach 2018, and the sixth edition of the Material Art Fair for emerging galleries in February of this year. Thanking their collectors, fellow gallerists, visitors and families, the pair promised they would support their artists’ careers “in other ways” to ensure their work would continue to reach a wider audience. 


The artists represented by the gallery include Israel Martínez, Luis Úrculo, Fritzia Irízar, Daniel Monroy Cuevas, Francisco Ugarte, Gustavo Abascal, Rodolfo Díaz Cervantes and Marilá Dardot.