A New York venue for Vanessa Carlos & Tobias Czudej

Steve Bishop, Good Habits (2019)
Things are changing.


At a time when Gagosian has announced the expansion of its venue in New York – yes, it is still growing! – at the former location of the Mary Boone and Pace galleries, there are also developments in another area of the market.


Gallerists Vanessa Carlos (Carlos/Ishikawa – London) and Tobias Czudej (CHEWDAY'S – which closed a year ago) will open a gallery on the Upper East Side of New York in the fall of 2019. At the core of this new endeavour will be a collaboration between Carlos Ishikawa’s artists and “an independently developed programme of established and emerging contemporary artists.”


An online version of the gallery has already been launched before the physical inauguration of the gallery itself, which features works by Trisha Baga, Steve Bishop, Kerstin Brätsch, Dora Budor, Catharine Czudej, Rochelle Feinstein, Eloise Hawser, Sergej Jensen, Allison Katz, Tobias Madison, Stuart Middleton, Carissa Rodriguez, Rose Salane, Tobias Spichtig and Peter Wächtler.


The online space, which presents the artworks in complete transparency, with their prices displayed, is considered to be “a funding vehicle, aimed at raising the required capital for the gallery's first year of operations.”