The end of the Independent Art Fair Brussels

Independent Brussels 2016. Photo by Isabelle Arthuis.
The Independent Art Fair, founded in New York in 2010, is having to say bye-bye to its Brussels edition, which was launched in 2016.


Having rescheduled the third edition of the 2018 fair to November to avoid a clash with Art Brussels in April, organisers then found themselves in competition with events in China. The former Vanderborght shopping centre which hosts the fair has become problematic too, as it lies under the jurisdiction of the city’s authorities, from whom “it can be difficult to get clarity”, as Co-founder Elizabeth Dee told the Financial Times


The end of Independent Brussels thus lies in “not finding the optimal moment or venue”, the impossible nature of competing against the giant Art Brussels - still the major fair in the city -, and the desire to focus on the growth of the New York fair.