Faced with Xi Jinping, the Pace Gallery leaves Beijing

Opened in 2008 in Beijing's 798 Art District, the Pace Gallery is closing up shop. The reason? Chinese legislation and the commercial war with America are largely to blame.


Whilst Pace was the first Western mega-gallery to brave setting up in mainland China, its founder, Arne Glimcher, didn't mince his words in an interview with ArtNews:


"Since Xi has come to power, people are afraid to conspicuously show their wealth and the mainland Chinese are not buying in China" he commented, adding, “It’s impossible to do business in mainland China right now and it has been for awhile... The last straw is Trump’s duty on Chinese artists coming into this country and Xi Jinping’s duty on Americans coming into China.”


The Pace Gallery has spaces in New York, London, Hong Kong, Geneva, Palo Alto and Seoul. Amongst the artists they represent are Yto Barrada, James Turrell, Adrian Ghenie and Yue Minjun. Read further via ArtNews.