Words and images at the fifth Casablanca Biennial

"Words create images" — this is the theme for the artists selected for the next Casablanca Biennial, running from September 24 to November 1, 2020.


The fifth edition of the international biennial is under the artistic direction of Christine Eyene, and "takes its cue from a comment by South African photographer George Hallett discussing the literary inspiration at the heart of his photography practice", but is equally inspired by "an observation by Jacques Derrida in his seminar 'Trace and Archive, Image and Art' (2002), on the idea of ​​words acting as images beyond their discursive properties".


Artists will thus be invited to think on "the link between African literatures and creative processes"; more information about the theme can be found here.



Whilst the initial list of participants will be announced this September, the biennial has already launched an incubation programme for 2019-20, in their new BIC Project Space in Casablanca. As part of its preparation process, the biennial is also offering residencies at Ifitry, in the Essaouira region, to facilitate the production of new works.


The event's curation will notably be led in partnership with the University of Central Lancashire's Making Histories Visible project, whilst the New Art Exchange (Nottingham) is also collaborating with the biennial.