A Performance Affair | Call for projects

APA. The-Panopticon. Laurence Vauthier presented by UN SPACED © Jeroen Verrecht
Performance is everywhere, but its market is yet to be defined.


A Performance Affair, the second edition of which will take place from September 5 to 8 in collaboration with the Brussels Gallery Weekend, aims to address this.


The call for projects (open until July 14) invites "artists on their own or with their galleries, producers, collectors, and/or institutions" to come together at the event, in this year's theme framework of "re:production".


Defining itself not as "another art fair" but as "a flexible stage geared towards stimulating the acquisition of performance art while finding solutions for its development and sustainability", the Affair will run two YouTube channels to broadcast performances, whilst the APA Bureau will facilitate discussions around key issues in the performance market, such as "acquisition, dissemination, and preservation".


Surpassing the concept of a fair, "re:production will question and challenge the ephemeral nature of performance, the ethics of documentation, and ascertain how video and other means of representation can benefit the discipline".


Projects should encompass "performative work and its protocol that can be presented and sold during the Affair", and will be selected by a panel made up of:


Adam Budak, chief curator of the National Gallery (Prague, Czech Republic)

Ellen de Bruijne, gallerist (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

Aaron Cezar, founding director of Delfina Foundation (London, UK) 

Frédéric de Goldschmidt, collector (Brussels, Belgium) 

Iordanis Kerenidis & Piergiorgio Pepe, collectors (Paris, France) 

Chantal Pontbriand, art curator, critic, and art consultant (Montreal, Canada) 

ORLAN, artist (Paris, France)


More information can be found here: A Performance Affair