The DOMUS residency brings contemporary art by female artists to Southern Italy

Romina de Novellis & Mauro Bordin
In the Apulian town of Galatina, in Italy, a new residency for artists and curators has been created.


Founded by artists Romina de Novellis and Mauro Bordin, whose work addresses socio-political issues through various media, DOMUS “wants to bring contemporary art to an Italian area that is poor in contemporary art museums, art centres and galleries”.




Whilst the project is also open to men, the one to two-week sessions will mostly host women, with an aim to reflect on the female condition – mainly in the region – and gender more generally. The project will focus on “the issue of migration, on the emergency of pollution in Salento and on all the political-financial relations that in this historical moment are engulfing the fate of the history of the Mediterranean”


The first residents:


- Myriam Mihindou (Gabonese artist living and working in Paris) & Rikke Jorgensen (Danish curator, based in Copenhagen, Director of the communication agency UrbanArt Communications, and Founder of the Art & Globalization Platform)


- Mouna Jemal (Tunisian artist, living and working in Tunis) & Valentina G. Levy (Italian, Rome-based curator, Artistic Director of Valeria Costa Piccinini Heritage Foundation, and the Co-director and Co-founder of GAD – Giudecca Art District in Venice)


- Chloé Quenem (French artist based in Paris) & Alicia Knock (French curator also based in Paris, in the service of Contemporary Creation and Prospective, Centre Pompidou)


- Svitlana Levchenko (Ukrainian artist based in Kyiv) & Daria Pashchenko (Ukrainian curator, working in Berlin, Founder of the TRSHCHN platform, and Co-founder of the Art Matters Ukraine)


- Nadia Kaabi-Linke (artist from Tunisia and Ukraine, based in Berlin) & Timo Kaabi-Linke (independent German curator, also based in Berlin)


In partnership with Nunzia Perrone, Gigi Rigliaco, Lorenzo Madaro, Ramdom/La Station, Maristella Martella, Michela Santoro and Pauline Rossignol for this project, Romina de Novellis and Mauro Bordin are looking for funding and donations between France, Italy and Europe.