Pristina will host Manifesta 14 in 2022

The National Library of Kosovo in Pristina
Following Marseille in 2020, the European nomad biennial Manifesta will head to Kosovo and its capital Pristina.


In 2022, the city will be the first in the Balkans to host the event, founded in the 90s, after its organisers were taken in by the major landscape transformation of Europe's youngest nation state's capital as a result of "unrestrained neo-liberal policies of privatisation of open urban spaces".


Hedwig Fijen, Director of Manifesta:

As the bid proclaimed, Kosovo seems to be going through its own quiet revolution in terms of mobility. An increase in exchange between the new region revitalises historical relationships but also creates surprising connections. This freedom to move within the region has given Kosovars a new way to think about themselves, how they organise their life, and how they experience themselves in relation to the region and the world at large. Besides, Kosovo is not only located within its sovereign territory, but is manifested in a lively diaspora all around the world.