Phillips and Daata join forces to develop the digital art market

Phoebe Boswell — Prologue: The Lizard of Unmarriedness (It's All About How You Tell It) © daata-editions
After a collaboration with Tumblr since 2013 to create the auction dedicated to digital art, PADDLES ON!, Phillips continues to push forward and has announced a partnership with Daata Editions.


Since 2015, Daata has supplied a platform for discovering and collecting digital art. The new partnership will allow for the production of new works uniting video, sound and performance. These artworks will be exhibited by Phillips in April, then put up for sale on Daata. The artists involved in the project will be announced in March.


Megan Newcome, Director of Digital Strategy at Phillips, said: “The partnership with Daata is an exciting opportunity for Phillips to continue to support the digital artist community while empowering collectors to see the potential in acquiring non-object based artworks that have historically been considered complicated to own.”


Leo Gabin, Write Your Name