POPPOSITIONS | Open Call for participants for the 8th edition

Exhibition view Josédelafuente Santander with Bernice Nauta (b. 1991, The Netherlands) (left) and Kunsthalle Tropical Zurich presenting Mars Alive (b. 1975, ∅) (right) at POPPOSITIONS 2018 © Jeroen Verrecht
April 25 through 28 of 2019 will see Brussels-based art fair POPPOSITIONS return to an as yet unannounced location for its eighth edition, this year entitled “Capital of Woke”.


The fair’s theme revolves around “wokeness” – the concept of being socially aware, understanding others’ struggles with an acknowledgment of our own privilege, and opening up space for silenced social bodies – and how the term has become mainstream as it “intersects with corporate and capitalist structures”. For POPPOSITIONS’ forthcoming edition, artists will be expected to consider possible resistance to the capitalisation of ideologies cashing in on social justice.



Making a comeback as Artistic Director of the fair is Niekolaas Johannes Lekkerkerk, who fulfilled the same role at both the 2017 and 2018 editions. As a curator and writer for Rotterdam’s Office for Curating, Lekkerkerk focuses his work on “social and political discourses revolving around daily living and working practices, cultural norms and ideologies”. Together with a selection committee consisting of Diana Campbell Betancourt (Artistic Director at Samdani Art Foundation and Chief Curator of Dhaka Art Summit), Jessica Gysel (Founder of Girls Heart Brussels and Girls Like Us Editor), Hana Miletić (artist) and Christophe Veys (collector), Lekkerkerk has opened a call for participants.



POPPOSITIONS 2019 is looking for proposals that “address and counteract the influence of advanced capitalism and its far-reaching management of the living, in which the human has become just one of the marketable species”. Successful proposals will then be assembled into one single exhibition in which all forms of artistic expression are accepted.



Click here to apply and to find out more before midnight on December 31, 2018.