POPPOSITIONS announces its 2018 exhibitors

The seventh edition of POPPOSITIONS, the Brussels-based art fair aiming to provide a viable alternative to mainstream art fairs, will return from April 19 through 22 to the Belgian capital, in a new location yet to be announced.

Titled “In Watermelon Sugar”, the fair’s 2018 edition will be curated by Niekolaas Johannes Lekkerkerk, who was also artistic director for POPPOSITIONS’ 2017 iteration. Together with a jury consisting of curators Federica Bueti and Nicoletta Lambertucci, as well as Netwerk artistic director Pieternel Vermoortel and fair co-founder Pieter Vermeulen, Lekkerkerk has chosen 29 international exhibitors, including galleries, artists’ initiatives and project spaces, hailing from Belgium, Canada, Colombia, Estonia, France, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Morocco, Norway, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.




Participants include the London-based gallery Arcade, presenting works by Chiara Camoni; the office for artistic projects Laagencia (Bogotá), featuring artist Santiago Pinyol; gallery Chez Mohamed (Asnières, France), as well as the Brussels-based artist residency project SUPERDEALS. Solo shows by the 29 participants will be presented as a single, curated exhibition. This fair’s 2018 edition, whose titled was borrowed from the eponymous, post-apocalyptic 1968 novel by Richard Brautigan, will focus on proposals addressing the current status of our world, as we are currently facing an unprecedented and rapid depletion of life forms as well as an increased instability of environments and ecologies due to the negative impact of fossil-fuelled economies. Proposals seek to provide approaches overcoming old world orders to establish “new grounds and imaginary horizons” within the capitalist ruins.


The full list of exhibitors and artists can be found below:


Alta Art Space (Rotterdam, NL / Malmö, SE)

Artist-run space

Angelica Falkeling (b. 1988, Sweden)


Arcade (London, UK)

Project space

Chiara Camoni (b. 1974, Italy)


Archiraar (Brussels, BE)


Caroline Le Mehauté (b. 1982, France)


Billytown (The Hague, NL)

Artist-run initiative

Prosper Desmet (b. 1984, France)


Chez Mohamed (Asnières, FR/Taroudant, MA)


John Miserendino (b. 1980, United States of America)



Artist-run space

Brigham Baker (b. 1989, United States of America)


DISPLAY (Berlin, DE)

Space for art and curatorial practices

Chloé Delarue (b. 1986, France)


EKKM/Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia (Tallinn, EE)


Eléonore de Montesquiou (b. 1970, France-Estonia)


Formato Comodo (Madrid, ES)


Joost Krijnen (b. 1983, The Netherlands)


Horizont (Budapest, HU)


Nimova Projeckt (Veronika Romhány) (b. 1987, Hungary)


Josédelafuente (Santander, ES)


Bernice Nauta (b. 1991, The Netherlands)


Kunsthalle Tropical (Zurich, CH)


Mars Alive (b. 1975, Switzerland)


Laagencia (Bogotá, CO)

Office for artistic projects

Santiago Pinyol (b. 1982, Colombia)


Lamart Offspace (Antwerp, BE)

Project space

Féline Minne (b. 1990, United Kingdom)


Lemow (Paris, FR)


Anaïs Chabeur (b. 1992, France)


Loft Project Etagi (Saint Petersburg, RU)


Johanna Van Overmeir (b. 1983, Belgium)


MAMA (Rotterdam, NL)

Platform for visual culture

Mat Do (b. 1982, United Kingdom)


narrative projects (London, UK)


Carlos Noronha Feio (b. 1981, Portugal)


Podium Oslo (Oslo, NO)

Artist-run space

Miriam Hansen (b. 1988, Norway)


Rib (Rotterdam, NL)

Art space

Sam Basu (b. 1967, United Kingdom)


Suns and Stars (Amsterdam, NL)


Andrea Karch (b. 1990, Germany) & Babette Kleijn (b. 1978, The Netherlands)



Project room and artist residency

Dome Wood (b. 1974, Australia)


Syndicate (Cologne, DE)

Platform for exhibitions, events and publications

Alex Reynolds (b. 1978, Spain)


TINTYPE (London, UK)


Jennet Thomas (b. 1963, United Kingdom)


Ventilator (Tel Aviv, IL)

Nomadic exhibition space

Ishai Shapira Kalter (b. 1986, Israel)


VITRINE (Basel, CH/London, UK)


Charlie Godet Thomas (b. 1985, United Kingdom)


Vleeshal (Middelburg, NL)

Center for Contemporary Art

Andreas Arndt (b. 1983, Sweden)


WAAP (Vancouver, CA)


Steven Cottingham (b. 1989, Canada)


Wellness Center Future Proof (Antwerp, BE)

Artist-run organisation

Wellness Center Future Proof (Katinka de Jonge & Liesje de Laet) (b. 1989, The Netherlands, b. 1988, Belgium)