Five exhibitions at New York’s top not-for-profit art spaces in February

New York isn’t just the high-end galleries of the Bowery and Chelsea: the city also boasts a wealth of non-profit spaces for visual arts, whose programming often rivals those of the Big Apple’s powerhouse dealers. This week, we caught five of the most exciting shows to see at New York’s not-for-profit spaces.

P! “The Stand” 13 January – 26 February 2017


Exhibition view, P!


Organized by Prem Krishnamurthy and Anthony Marcellini this group show based on Stephen King’s post-apocalyptic novel The Stand, exhibits the work of a group of US-based artists responding to the narratives of conflict and authority present in King’s work of literature. Posed with similar contextual issues, the artists look at the ways in which militarization and terrorism, economic instability, environmental crisis, racial tensions, increased radicalization, and the threat of autocracy can be addressed through art and fiction.



Flux Factory “Against Competition — ABC No Rio in Exile at Flux Factory” 1 February — 14 February



The center for art and activism, ABC No Rio and artist run centre Flux Factory are coming together to present “Against Competition/Towards Mutual Aid” with the aim of providing different channels to the traditional gallery exhibition. Each of the works commissioned will be made within a period of one month as a collaborative effort between all of the participating artists. The idea is to encourage an artistic process based on voluntary reciprocity.



Pioneer Works “E.S.P. TV — WORK” 10 February — 26 March



E.S.P. TV is a project run by Scott Kiernan and Victoria Keddie and “WORK” is the first institutional solo exhibition in the United States featuring their hybridized mobile television studio. “WORK” will see Pioneer Works’ office spaces the locus of a six-week televisual installation. This social experiment will be curated by David Everitt Howe and will document the daily lives of the institution’s staff.


Art in General “Juanli Carrión— Zea” 1 February — 15 February


Juanli Carrión, Pigmentum, 2016. Courtesy the artist and Y Gallery

Somewhere between performance, artist lecture, and participatory sculpture, artist Juanli Carrión Zea’s upcoming project for Art in General will see him lead a series of culinary workshops in which recipe becomes choreography and cultural record. The project will investigate the relevance of corn in various cultural and historical contexts, with workshops seeing participants prepare different maize dishes from across South America. The exhibition addresses themes of economic colonization, knowledge sharing and collaborative creation.



Whitebox “Corporation and Fister” 25 January — 28 February


Corporation and Fister is an exhibition by artist collective Corp Cru featuring participative game much the like Operation game, where exhibition-goers draw cards to remove pieces from Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen on the operating table. The exhibition is described as “a provocative, immersive expression of socioeconomic and political issues and provides players with an opportunity to reclaim themselves from economic enslavement, as Chairman Yellen and her Federal Reserve Board of Governors attempt to balance the largest economy in the world.”