Art Market Budapest 2021 | What to see!

This years rendition of Art Market Budapest has some exciting new concepts and innovative art works.

Of special note is the GalerijaGallery on the main exhibition floor, which has an installation which includes buying a time slot for an inaugural party that has already happened for their third space GG-2. You can hear the artists explain the concept here in the video I took during the VIP night. They will offer you a place to sit on the floor and relax to have a drink as a part of this unique program.


Galerija Gallery


The Art Projects and Art Photo sections upstairs also offer art that challenges and experiments, derives and defies. Don’t miss the soft tones and small size works by Yamamoto Masao at Valid Foto Gallery, Dunartcom’s wonderful combination of sculptural and wall installations, and refreshing colorful works in the Magyar Műhely space. From one end to the other, you can check out INDA Gallery where there are works that invoke the sense of touch, testing reality, with a wood pile covered in paper by Gábor Koós alongside photographic prints with incised linocut lines. Also, don’t miss the wonderful drawings of wind by Endre Koronczi among other artists works also of interest. On the other side of the show, you will find Ani Molnár Gallery with stellar a collection of twenty artists, including new work by András Wolsky, which explores abstraction through the creation of rules through the role of a single die cube. There is so much more to see. Enjoy!


Magyar Műhely Galéria - Artist Kristóf Szabó


Attila Ledényi Founder Art Market Budapest


Vintage Gallery installation view


Vintage Gallery


INDA Gallery


Ani Molnár Gallery work by András Wolsky





Photos courtesy Anne Murray