The 1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair is in Paris | Impressions

It's a strange feeling, but a nice one.

Yes — a fair, in Europe, with galleries, with artworks, with little red dots, journalists, the whole shebang. A year after the last edition of 1-54 in Marrakech, the contemporary African art fair is taking over Christie's Parisian hub for a few days. For a first time, it's quite a success. Whilst, despite the best will in the world, more intimate fairs (19 galleries are attending this one) tend to let some sub-par exhibitors slip through the net, for the 1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair this is simply not the case! Here's a glimpse.


Souleimane Barry chez Anne de Villepoix


Ana Silva chez Magnin-A


Andrew Tshabangu chez Septieme Gallery


Larry Amponsah chez 50 Golborne


Nú Barreto chez Nathalie Obadia



1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair  via Artsy