One artist, One studio | Maya-Ines Touam

Surpassing the concept of borders by testing the soil on both sides of the Mediterranean, Maya-Ines Touam invites us to rethink the signs of the time, the personalities who embody them, and the generational back and forths.


Through her gaze, the young photographer offers an opportunity to delight in the markers that aren’t those of communities or eras, but of personalities. In her studio, a splendid old butchers shop in the Belleville neighbourhood of Paris, the Beaux-Arts-qualified artist displays femininity in all its diversity.


Whether through the photograph series Révéler l'étoffe - Algérie, tackling the multiplicity of ways to question our relationship with the hijab, or Ready Made, visually similar to Flemish paintings, revitalising the still life genre pervaded by feminine accessories, Maya-Ines asks (herself): how are women represented and what place do they have in the Arab world?



The artist, who collaborates with the artist agency African Arty, has notably had her work exhibited at the Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris and the Montresso Art Foundation in Marrakech, and was a laureate of the LCC Programme in Casablanca.










Photos courtesy: The artist & Chloé Dupont



Maya-Ines Touam