Algerian Collective 220 Returns for Art Photo BCN

Algerians have been in the news often since the February 22nd protest, which constitutes an ongoing civic movement of youth in the streets of Algiers every Friday, beginning with a protest against a 5th term for President Bouteflika.


It seems that in many ways, the life and times in Algeria have been hidden from sight or brought into vision through photographers and journalists from abroad. From a foreign perspective it is difficult to imagine life there, except for what has been highlighted because of these recent protests.


Fethi Sahraoui, Escaping



Collective 220 has been making a continual effort over the years to show an Algerian perspective of life in Algeria through photographs. Their members include Algerian artists: Ramzi Bensaadi, Houari Bouchenak, Youcef Krache, Fethi Sahraoui, and Abdo Shanan.


In December, the Algerian photography Collective 220 was invited to share their work in Barcelona in connection with the International Day Against Islamophobia organised by the city hall of Barcelona. They made several installations of their photos in the streets and were supported by Jiser Reflexions Mediterrànies, CCCB, and the city hall of Barcelona with collaboration from Hangar and Nau Bostik and Box24 in Algiers. From this one-week action installing their work in the streets of Barcelona, they created a video ( in French with Spanish subtitles):





Now Collective 220 is back again as part of Art Photo BCN, an art fair for emerging photographers held at the Arts Santa Monica in Barcelona. Three photographers from the group will be featured from May 3-5, 2019 and there will be a round table discussion on Sunday, May 5th starting at 16h. Xavier de Luca of Jiser and Walid Aidoud of Box 24, will be sharing and relating the progression of the work of each member of the Collective 220 over the past few years


During the fair, artists Youcef Krache and Fethi Sahraoui will be in attendance with Walid Aidoud and Xavier de Luca, so visitors may have the opportunity to discuss the works with them during the fair. Three photographers from the collective, Youcef Krache, Fethi Sahraoui, and Abdo Shanan will have their works on display in Jiser’s booth at Art Photo BCN, which will show a range of different aspects and trends in Algerian photography. 



Abdo Shanan, Diary




Fethi Sahraoui is from Hassi R’Mel also self-taught, and is photographing different elements in Algeria as a way of documenting the culture and its settings.


Abdo Shanan born in Oran, Algeria to a Sudanese father and an Algerian mother, received a nomination for Magnum Foundation Emergency Fund in 2015, and in 2016 his series 'Diary:Exile' was selected by the Addis Fotofest.


Youcef Krache, born in Constantine and living in Algiers, is an autodidact photographer, with captured scenes of urban and rural landscapes and characters. 



Youcef Krache, Regard



Here is a chance to get know Algeria through the universal language of photography as told by Algerian photographers from different regions and backgrounds in Algeria.