The art world is in full expansion; there’s never been as many artists, dealers, fairs and prizes as there are today. Increasingly, distinguishing between pure information and clutter is primordial in order to provide authoritative information.

At the same time, the increasing financialization of the art world requires access to quantified information, the need for which is driven by the arrival of new collectors whose fortunes were made in the tech and finance industries. Last but not least, financial institutions are more and more aware that art has become an essential element of their clients’ fortunes, one that can no longer be ignored.




ARTIST PROFILES was conceived as an answer to massive shifts within the art market, and as a tool responding to the needs of established art world players as well as newcomers.



As the only tool offering a holistic and quantitative overview of a market comprising of some 100,000 artists, ARTIST PROFILES aims to reshape the way we access information within the art world.  


ARTIST PROFILES offers a complete overview of an artist’s position within the market, including information on exhibitions, press coverage, internet popularity, galleries, auction results and more.


ARTIST PROFILES features easily digestible graphics, rendered through sophisticated and elegant data visualization tools, allowing users to make meaning of dense, difficult data.


ARTIST PROFILES aims to give access to information in real time. Profiles are constantly updated, and they were conceived to be easily accessible both on laptops and smartphones.




ARTIST PROFILES: who is it for?


  • Collectors, who will be able to discover or follow new artists or to evaluate an acquisition

  • Art dealers, who will obtain a comprehensive overview of an artist’s career to both measure its potential and to have an objective information source for their clients

  • Auction houses, which will be able to known their position as compared to their competitors and to locate an artwork in the wider context of an artist’s career

  • Wealth Managers will have a tool facilitating their work with HNWI clients. All art enthusiasts will have a tool to better understand the art market as a whole.

  • All art enthusiasts will have a tool to better understand the art market as a whole.