July 5 | This Mayfair art gallery will take your bitcoins!

In today’s news, one art world gallery opens up to the newest payment technologies, whilst a contemporary art museum looks to the past. Elsewhere, the city of Kassel has awarded Nigerian-born artist Olu Oguibe for his Documenta works.

Dadiani Fine Art to start accepting bitcoin payments

West End art gallery Dadiani Fine Art, in London, has announced that it will open up to the world of crypto-currencies, and begin accepting bitcoin payments for artworks.

For owner Eleesa Dadiani, the move is an attempt to decentralize the art market — opening it up to more buyers, as well as freshening up the traditional market. The gallery will officially begin to accept the currency on July 14, on occasion of the opening of the exhibition “The Noise”. More information via The Telegraph.


Castello di Rivoli Museum to incorporate legendary Cerruti collection

The Castello di Rivoli Museum of Contemporary Art, just outside Turin, has announced an ambitious expansion that will see the institution take over the treasure-filled collection of the late Italian art collector Federico Cerruti, who passed away in 2015.


Castello di Rivoli Museum of Contemporary Art.


The collection includes 300 works from the Middle Ages to the 20th century, including masterpieces by Pontormo, Sassetta, Modigliani, Picasso, de Chirico, Boccioni and Andy Warhol among others, thus becoming the world’s first contemporary art institution to boast an “encyclopaedic collection of art from the past”. The project will also see Cerruti’s former villa in Rivoli — which he built close to the museum — renovated and incorporated within the Rivoli museum’s extended campus. According to Carolyn-Christov Bakargiev, the museum’s director, the move will transform the definition of contemporary art museum, creating a dialogue between the ancient and the contemporary.


Artist Olu Oguibe wins Documenta’s Arnold Bode Prize

The Nigerian-born, American-based artist Olu Oguibe has been awarded the Arnold Bode Prize by the Documenta Foundation in Kassel.

On occasion of the 2017 edition of Documenta, Oguibe is showing in both Athens and Kassel. The artist’s Kassel work, titled Das Fremdlinge und Flüchtlinge Monument, (Monument for Strangers and Refugees) has been saluted by the prize’s board as “an affirmation of the timeless, universal principles of attention and care towards all those affected by flight and persecution.” Past laureates include Hiwa K, (2016) Romuald Hazoumé, (2007) Maurizio Cattelan (2004) and Stan Douglas. (2001) Read more on Artforum.


Das Fremdlinge und Flüchtlinge Monument (2017) — Olu Oguibe —Photo Michael Nast


Battersea Power Station district regeneration project to include major cultural initiatives

The Battersea Power station regeneration project, set to be completed by 2026, will see the Goodwood-based Cass Sculpture Foundation commission one sculpture commission a year, to be temporarily installed in the area surrounding the Battersea Power Station, as well as the creation of a new multi-use arts venue called The Village Hall.

Jude Kelly, director of the Southbank Centre as well as cultural advisor for the Battersea Power Station, envisages creating the art world’s “longest corridor” on London’s Southbank, stretching from the Globe Theatre to the station, at the heart of the new residential and commercial area between Lambeth bridge and Battersea. The Art Newspaper has more information.


The Battersea Power Station.