November 26 | New Director for the Glasgow School of Art

Irene McAra-McWilliam — Photo: Paul Campbell
The United Kingdom.


New Director for the Glasgow School of Art


It’s been a rough year for the prestigious art school. Ravaged by a major fire in June (just four years after the last fire), the GSA saw its Director Tom Inns resign. His two deputies, professors Irene McAra-McWilliam and Ken Neil filled the role in the interim.


McAra-McWilliam has finally been officially appointed, commenting “I'm honoured to have been appointed as Director of The Glasgow School of Art. Although we've recently had to deal with a very challenging period, I'm confident that we have the soul and spirit to move ahead, aware of just what a successful and innovative art school we are.”


"Together, we can build on our long history of creativity and innovation as one of the world's finest art schools.” Amongst the numerous top-class artists to have passed through the institution’s halls are Martin Boyce, Simon Starling, David Shrigley, Jenny Saville and Lili Reynaud-Dewar. More information available via a.n.





UK | In the art world, nearly 90% of interns not paid


A new study led by the Sutton Trust – “Pay As You Go” – has highlighted the impossibility for working-class students to get into a career in the arts, as their families are unable to provide for their needs during the largely unpaid internships.


The report is based on the responses of over 2,600 graduates, of whom 1,023 had already done an internship. Read further via The Stage.