Who is the youngest of the top 100 contemporary artists at auction?

The Art Price Report 2020 has revealed the top 1,000 contemporary artists with the greatest auction turnover between 2000 and 2019.

With predictably famous names such as Jean-Michel Basquiat ($2,175,601,772), Jeff Koons ($938,580,226) and Damien Hirst ($695,561,587) topping the list, who is the youngest artist to feature in the top 100?


At the opposite end of the scale to Anselm Kiefer, Sean Scully and Liu Dawei, all born in 1945, are the two youngest artists born in 1977: Adrian Ghenie and Jonas Wood, ranking at #44 and #63 respectively.


Ghenie, born in Romania and based in Berlin, boasts an impressive auction turnover of $87,944,652 across 136 lots sold, the personal record-setter amongst his paintings scooping $9,054,022 (Nickelodeon (2008), sold in 2016).


Adrian Ghenie, Pie Fight Interior (2012) © Sotheby's


Jonas Wood’s paintings, drawings and prints sold at auction have amassed $54,748,359 between 2000 and 2019, with the American artist’s Japanese Garden 3 (2019) becoming his top sale out of 255 lots sold, fetching $4,928,500 at Christie’s last year.

Jonas Wood, Kitchen on Palms (2008) © Christie's


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