Io Burgard wins the first Flair Award for Olfactory Art

Art, scents and perfume.

With a promise of 10,000 euros, the Flair Prize "aims to promote and enhance the richness and plurality of experiences made possible by the wielding of scents". The jury, made up of perfumers Anne-Sophie Behaghel & Amélie Bourgeois, artist Bianca Bondi, theorist Nicolas Bourriaud, writer Jean-Baptiste Del Amo, perfumer Antoine Lie, and art critic Anaël Pigeat, selected French artist Io Burgard (born in 1987).

Io Burgard has created "an olfactory installation based on Hypocrates' theory of humours, harmonising the flesh, and on the fragile balance of the cycle of the seasons." The work, the perfume of which will be designed by Flair, will be exhibited in a cultural venue by the end of the year.

For this project, the perfume design studio Flair - founded 10 years ago - has teamed up with critic and curator Sandra Barré. In 2021, Barré published the book "L'odeur de l'art, un panorama de l'histoire de l'art", published by La lettre volée, coll. essais, Brussels, in which she revisits, among other things, the exhibition put together in 1913 in Italy by Anton Giulio Bragaglia at the Romagna gallery in Rome. This exhibition of thirty photodynamic works accompanied by scents is thought to be "the first olfactory exhibition considered as such".


Kseniia Klimova