Only(art)fans? To avoid censorship, Vienna turns to OnlyFans to host nude art

In the latest bit of "hey, that's odd but it makes sense" news, the Vienna Tourist Board in Austria has launched its OnlyFans page to post art that is deemed too revealing for the conventional social media platforms.

Now, OnlyFans isn't a strictly explicit content website but the fact that it does not censor what its creators post has obviously led to an influx of adult themed content. But this relaxed approach has led several artists to favour this platform, after experiencing censorship for posting art containing nudity, in photographs but also in paintings, be they classical or modern.


This is what the Vienna board for tourism posted via their newest platform “What is Vienna doing on OnlyFans? Vienna is home to some of the world’s most famous artworks, many containing nudity. The most prominent social networks have policies in place that ban or censor such works. With our OnlyFans account, we want to give these artworks the freedom they deserve — including on social media.”


Provocative works by the likes of Egon Schiele, Richard Gerstl, Koloman Moser and Amedeo Modigliani will be in full frontal display without a single bit of blurring.


To draw in as many people as possible, early subscribers will also receive either a city transport card or a free ticket to a museum featured on their OnlyFans page.


While this brings up the debate around what content is to be considered for adults eyes only and what is art accessible to all, it certainly is a unique and innovative way to use new platforms. No doubt it will draw in the curious, however, good luck explaining that browser history.