Artfizz, the new online community of art traders

Artfizz is the brand new online marketplace for art buyers and sellers.


The platform seeks not only to create a direct link between them but also to support artists throughout the lifespan of the art piece. To do so, Artfizz will be giving half of its 15% sales commission to the artist.


20.000 artists will be pre-approved by the platform and anybody wanting to buy or sell one of their works will be able to register easily without paying listing fees. Buyers will have the option to either buy immediately at the sellers listed price or to take part in a private auction.


The goal here is to create a new environment for art aficionados that don't like to be told what and when to buy. Co-founder and executive director Matthew Dipple really wanted to get that message across. "We are not interested in an art world dictated by market trends and led by a few elite players. At Artfizz, buyers, sellers, artists and aficionados will all interact directly, guiding each other and Artfizz on how the platform grows and evolves." he says.