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November 15 | Records for Jacob Lawrence, Henry Taylor and others
November 14 | Hopper, De Kooning, Magritte: downpour of records in New York
November 9 | Forty artists for the Shanghai Biennial
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30 November 2017
How the first Biennial of Digital Art changed our definition of exhibiting art
The Wrong Biennial is a unique event; it’s almost a Venice Biennale of digital art. Established six ...
29 August 2016
Making it without a gallery: when artists go solo
In “Living and Sustaining a Creative Life”, a collection of essays by 40 working artists, Sharon Lou...
24 March 2017
“Success does not exist. You have to transcend failure” | Marta Minujin
Marta Minujin is an avant-garde, rebellious artist, popular in both her native Argentina and interna...


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