Nicholas Cullinan appointed new director of National Portrait Gallery

London’s National Portrait Gallery announced today the appointment of Nicholas Cullinan, who is to succeed Sandy Nairne as...


Labour issues continue in Abu Dhabi

A report released by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) in December 2014 has revealed that issues for those working on the development of the Abu Dhabi Saadyiat Island Cultural Quarter...


Cau Ferrat Museum Spain reopens following €9.7 million renovations

Following four years worth of work and €9.7 million of funding, the Cau Ferrat Museum in the coastal town of Sitges in Spain has reopened its...


French Sculpture Census in the USA

The first inventory detailing the list of French sculptures conserved in the United States recently began in December of 2014, marking the end of a collaborative project between the United States and France, ten years after its initial...

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