Google’s new feature matches your selfie with classical art portraits

If classical art is becoming more and more popular among younger generation of art lovers, it is often thanks to Facebook pages such as Classical Art Memes — bringing together masterpieces of Western art and meme...


Oprah Winfrey | After the Golden Globes, an art collector at the White House?

Whilst Donald Trump is convinced of owning the painting Les Deux Soeurs by Pierre-Auguste Renoir — which is actually on show at the Art Institute of Chicago — Oprah Winfrey, whose inspiring Golden Globes speech unleashed a wave of global support, and incidentally sparked rumours about a...


Condo London 2018 | Bigger is better

The first London edition of Condo had welcomed 24 international galleries in eight exhibition spaces across the British capital, with the second edition bringing together 36...


The Mozilla Foundation to fund art projects exploring surveillance and hacking

Weeks after the launch of Firefox Quantum — the single most important update to the web browser since its launch in 2004 — the Mozilla Foundation has announced that it will award creative grants ranging from $10,000 to $35,000 to artists, media producers and storytellers tackling the issues of...

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