FairsArtists 02-12-2016

A post-Trump detox for Art Basel Miami Beach?

Art and politics are so clearly intertwined, it hardly needs saying. But for the record, last time America was blindsided by the election of a non-career political conservative (Ronald Reagan), the art world freaked out, sure, but the argument could be made that it inaugurated a decade of fruitful

FairsPeople 01-12-2016

Miami 2016 | A quick run down of the state of affairs

Nearly 73,000 visitors and professionals flock to Miami this week to discover work by 4,000 artists from 29 countries, spread across the 21 faires that run from November 29 through December

GalleriesInstitutions 30-11-2016

Fiona Banner | Our contemporary Heart of Darkness

In 1997, her book "The Nam" hit the art world, a thousand-page, frame-by-frame transcription of cult Vietnam films and an almost endless and “unreadable” stream of consciousness. In 2005, bizarre, full stop-shaped statues sprouted on the riverfront by Tower Bridge in London. In 2013, she

PeopleArtists 28-11-2016

Is Paris becoming fertile ground for private foundations?

Following François Pinault’s return to the French capital, after an unceremonious departure from the country following the failure of the Ile Seguin project — which was then realized at Palazzo Grassi in Venice, private foundations in the French capital are beginning to blossom. Thanks to

ArtistsGalleries 28-11-2016

Five shows to see in Miami this week that aren't Art Basel

The beach is back. As the world’s powerhouse galleries are about to take over Miami Beach Convention Center’s for the 15th edition of Art Basel Miami, running December 1 through 4 — and no less than other 23 parallel art and design fairs have sprouted across the city — we take a look at the

GalleriesOnline Sales 25-11-2016

Contemporary artists still living and working in their native Iran

After years of negotiations between Iran, the P5 + 1 (made up of Russia, US, China, France, UK and Germany) and the European Union, an agreement was set up in Vienna in July 2015, guaranteeing the peaceful nature of Iran’s nuclear program in return for a gradual alleviation of economic sanctions

Galleries 23-11-2016

The advent of art & technology may be upon us but Artlogic is where it all started

When looking at the evolution of the art market over the last 15 years, there are two things that stand out. Firstly, that sales price records have been coming thick and fast and secondly that art fairs are now the most dominant cog in the art market machine. But for those who work in galleries

GalleriesArtists 23-11-2016

Fayçal Baghriche The Night of Doubt | Humor Derision Religion and Propaganda

Last spring, Galerie Jérôme Poggi hosted Fayçal Baghriche’s first Parisian solo show, titled “La nuit du doute” (“Night of Doubt”). The artist, who has reflected throughout his career on the creation of collective symbols, has worked with sculpture, photography and film for his first

Artists 21-11-2016

How the underground proved that Lenin was a mushroom — audiovisual actions in Eastern Europe 1968-1994

As hard as it is to believe, in 1991 musician Sergey Kuryokhin and reporter Sergey Sholokhov managed to broadcast on what was then known as “Leningrad Television” a documentary entitled Lenin Was a Mushroom — a highly influential hoax narrating the story of Vladimir Lenin’s alleged

GalleriesArtists 18-11-2016

Adding a quiet voice to a conversation of change in South Africa

President Jacob Zuma stands gazing pensively over his right shoulder, his chest out, stomach in – authoritative and leaderly as it befits South Africa’s citizen number

ArtistsInstitutions 16-11-2016

Abraham Cruzvillegas the matchmaker | Sculpture and performance meet politics

Like a Charlie Chaplinesque conductor, Abraham Cruzvillegas orchestrates the reconstitution of found objects he has gathered from different places around the

AwardsFairs 15-11-2016

Luxembourg Art Week | Small sales and big dramas

As the second edition of the Luxembourg Art Fair opened its doors last week, we learnt that the director of Luxembourg’s national Modern art museum, Enrico Lunghi, is to quit after eight years at the

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