Fairs 20-03-2017

Four exhibitions to visit in Hong Kong when you're bored of Basel

Running from March 23 through 25 Hong Kong will host the fifth edition of Art Basel HK. Such an event is emblematic of the globalisation of the art market, with 242 galleries hailing from 34 countries, it is a truly international fair; once inside you could easily be in Miami, Hong Kong or

InstitutionsArtists 20-03-2017

The Gray Market Weekly

This week, stories that continued unflattering trends in unadvertised

GalleriesArtists 17-03-2017

Olaf Breuning | a love-hate relationship with contemporary art

“I wish I could be a painter and I wish I could be a writer.” Despite having worked with a plethora of mediums — including drawing, sculpture, photography, film and installation — during his 18-year long career, artist Olaf Breuning is still pining for more.

FairsArtists 16-03-2017

Art Dubai the “glocal” art fair

With 270 artists hailing from 70 countries, Art Dubai, which welcomed 94 exhibiting galleries for its 11th edition, has never offered so much variety, despite big European and American names being among the most notable absences this year. In spite of this, countries such as Algeria, Peru and

InstitutionsFairs 15-03-2017

UAE plows ahead with legions of construction projects in an aim to highlight arts and culture

On the opening of the 11th edition of Art Dubai, the Emirati artistic scene remains a mixed

InstitutionsArtists 15-03-2017

The fluctuations of the Russian avant garde under the spotlight

“I would underline two major challenges for young artists in Russia,” says Kirill Garshin, a Russian artist born in 1990, “Firstly, there is a level of misreading and rejection of contemporary art by the majority of people in Russia. The reason for this is probably due to an underdeveloped

Institutions 15-03-2017

Frac Dunkirk: a living relationship with art in Northern France

Though the building and framework are sublime, the FRAC Nord Pas de Calais has for some years now given the impression of being somewhat lost, fumbling in the dark. But things look set to change for the institution based in northern France, a region rapidly emerging as the second most important

FairsPeople 14-03-2017

In Maastricht changes are made thanks to YIA

Is 2017 the year of change for TEFAF? The most significant element undoubtedly would be the departure of Clare McAndrew, who since 2008 has authored the famous report published each year at TEFAF. Clare McAndrew has been replaced by Rachel A.J. Pownall. As for the rest, little

ArtistsGalleries 13-03-2017

Get to know the local gallery scene during Art Dubai this week

From 15 to 18 March, the 11th edition of Art Dubai will take place, hosting 79 contemporary galleries from across the globe. Yet the excitement of an art fair is also getting to know local galleries on their home turf. Here is a small selection of what is to be found.

FairsAuction Houses 13-03-2017

The Gray Market Weekly

Seven days in the evolving business of fine art. This week, stories that remind us the industry constantly straddles the line between "haha" and "WTF"...

Artists 09-03-2017

À poils et à plumes: politicizing animal art

Following a 13 year hiatus between 1996 and 2010, the Musée de Flandre has radically rethought its identity, offering a programming designed to both revitalize its collection, and to attract visitors from the rest of France to this commune two hours west of Paris.

Artists 08-03-2017

HAPPENING names #5WomenArtists

On occasion of Women's history month and international women's day, the National Museum of Women in the Arts has launched and social media campaign #5WomenArtists, challenging internet users worldwide to name five women artists, in order to call "attention to the inequity women artists face" and to

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