ArtistsInstitutions 22-02-2017

Color Wars | Stuart Semple discusses feud with Anish Kapoor pigments and politics

Who knew a row over colors could get so heated? But this is precisely what happened last November, when Dorset-based artist Stuart Semple spoke out against Anish Kapoor’s acquisition of exclusive artistic rights to the world’s blackest substance.

FairsGalleries 20-02-2017

Cape Town Art Fair: From local to global

“For a city to be a great destination for contemporary art, there are five key requirements,” says Mark Coetzee, Executive Director and Chief Curator of the new Zeitz MOCAA, which is set to open its doors to the public this September. “Galleries, collectors, a good art school, an art museum

FairsGalleries 20-02-2017

Top five exhibitions to see in Madrid during ARCO

With an impressive list of 164 international exhibitors — including some of our favorites: Galerie Jérôme Poggi, gb Agency (Paris), Ellen de Bruijne Projects (Amsterdam), KOW, (Berlin) and more — ARCO Madrid will be in full swing from Wednesday evening. Should you be hit by fair fatigue,

Online SalesPeople 20-02-2017

The Gray Market Weekly

Seven days in the evolving business of fine art. This week, from regional hunts to failing wings, stories about the changing nature of expansion within the

Artists 17-02-2017

One artist one studio | Marcela Armas

Marcela Armas was born in Durango (Mexico) in 1976. Today, she lives and works between Mexico City and San Miguel de Allende, where she has recently established a new

Art Business 14-02-2017

.com is dead art on the Internet gets organized

The online editorial platform-cum-artist project/archive, e-flux, recently announced the creation of a new Internet domain pertaining specifically to art-related online resources.

Artists 13-02-2017

One artist one studio | Joël Andrianomearisoa

Joël Andrianomearisoa is a travelled artist, one who plays with words and feelings and is capable of switching from superficiality to depth in order both to surprise us and to let us forget ourselves. His poetic, immaterial practice — which eludes any firm classification — engages with all

Fairs 13-02-2017

Mexico's flourishing art fairs prove the art scene is borderless

If Zona Maco is now 14 years old, and has gone from strength to strength, quickly becoming Latin America’s biggest art fair in terms of visitor numbers, then like many fairs around the world it has a little brother. Material Art Fair is in its fourth edition, and this year it fits comfortably

FairsArt Business 13-02-2017

The Gray Market Weekly

Seven days in the evolving business of fine art. This week, from regional hunts to failing wings, stories about the changing nature of expansion within the

ArtistsPeople 06-02-2017

From cave to gallery | Mel O’Callaghan’s entrancing new exhibition

Mel O’Callaghan is no stranger to hostile environments. In 2012, she travelled to a remote, wind-battered ruin located on a promontory in Corsica to film "Endgame", a work in which performers carry out absurd, cyclical actions in the harsh setting. Two years earlier she filmed "Move", a

ArtistsInstitutions 06-02-2017

At Turner Contemporary 40 women artists turn embroidery into a political statement

Embroidery is conventionally regarded in Western culture as a low art form, a soft, spongy medium consigned to the domestic sphere. Reacting against this reality, many feminist artists across the 20th century have remodelled craft-based artwork into sites for subversive and political

InstitutionsGalleries 06-02-2017

Five exhibitions at New York’s top not-for-profit art spaces in February

New York isn’t just the high-end galleries of the Bowery and Chelsea: the city also boasts a wealth of non-profit spaces for visual arts, whose programming often rivals those of the Big Apple’s powerhouse dealers. This week, we caught five of the most exciting shows to see at New York’s

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